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Worried about test

I did the pcr rna test at 14 days post exposure. My result was negative. I was still worried. So I did the oraquick swab at 33 days. Still negative. Still worried. Then I did the 38 day duo test with antigen and antibody and I got a negative result. Should I be still worried ?

The exposure was broken condom vaginal sex with a girl friend of mine. I asked her about STDs and she said “ I have always been clean, she also said this incident has crossed her mind. Before that, so I should be good” she is 19 and I’m 21. This is in the USA.
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My history:
2 years ago I thought I had cancer even though the doc told i was fine,  for no reason cuz I found a swollen lymph node for a month  and spent a lot of money on tests and finally i was all clear.
Earlier this year, I had shortness of breath so I rushed to the ER thinking I’m having a major heart attack. The results said I’m fine.

The same thing happened this time but with HIV. The doctor also told me that he doesn’t advice patients to get tested after a single exposure as the likelihood of infection is low. However I did this for my peace of mind.
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You've (over)tested conclusively negative. Time to quit worrying about nothing and find something worthy to be concerned about.
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Thanks for your reply Chima. When I took the test, I had joint pains and severe anxiety. As my results were negative, do you think anxiety can cause joint pains and feeling unwell ?

Flu can make joint pains. Your imagination can fool you and make them seem real. HIV docs don't diagnose from symptoms so you are wasting your time trying to do that.
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Your test is reliable and conclusive.  Forget about this event and move on.
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Thanks curfew for your reply. I consulted my doctor and he said the chances of another test turning positive is less than one in a million so practically zero. However I was confused reading medhelps posts from the past talking about the 3 month conclusive test results. That’s the reason I was worried.
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