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Worried after waxing with tweezer

Hi guys,
I just joined to the forum.

I am here because Iam extremely anxious about an episode that happened 2 days ago in one waxing salon.

I went to do my eyebrows but the lady was not very professional with the tweezer and i ended up with a few injuries in the skin around my left eyebrow. She did a few small cuts and in the end I could see some little blood spots.

Now I am very concerned with HIV and hcv since I cannot tell if the tweeter was properly sterilized.

If someone else, HIV or hcv positive would have used the tweezer before me and had some cuts as well, would I be at risk for those diseases I mentioned? Should I test?

I so concerned. Please help me.
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You had no risk and do not need to test.
Find a better salon
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Thank you for your answer.

Even resulting in small cuts and blood on my skin it's no risk? Because that was scared me and now it's a particular special moment in my life since me and my husband are trying to conceive and I don't want put him or a baby in risk.

I sent an email to the salon and did a complaint. For a top salon as they claim to be that service was unacceptable.

Thank you once again.
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It is no risk.
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Hi Vance,

Sorry to bother you again :( ...
Exactly 1 month after the incident in the waxing salon I am experienced for almost 10 days a huge headache ... something I ve never experienced before (I don't have headaches usually).

The headache is like a migrane kind ... only in the right side and come and go for already 10 days. I am extremely anxious and cannot forget the tweezer incident.

Would this symptom 1 month after the incident change your assessment? Do you think there is a chance I contracted HIV from the situation I described? Could persistent migrane (for someone that didn't suffered that in the past) be an ars symptom? Please help :( :( :(
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You had no risk. If you're having migraines go see your doctor about headache meds. None of this is related to the tweezers because you had NO risk. The fact that you're still on about it points to an obvious anxiety problem which you should also address with your doctor. You have a very irrational fear of HIV related to a no risk, zero risk, non risk situation. Stop obsessing about it an move on with your life.
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