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Worried of HIV Exposure

Hello, I am very worried and anxious I might have been exposed to HIV. I received unprotected oral and gave protected anal to a guy I met online 17 days ago. There were other physical contacts involved such as kissing, fingering, etc. He stated that he was sexually healthy therefore clean.  A few days (2-3) after the incidents I developed signs of fatigue, headache (tension on the head), naussea, insomnia, abdominal discomfort, and over-all tiredness. These symptoms have not disappeared.

I met the same person after two weeks, this time the condom broke during anal sex for about 10-15s before I realized it. I quickly used a new one. The guy reassures that he is free of any infection. However, I am very stressed and anxious about the event.  Could my symptoms be the result of worrying too much. Could they be anxiety driven. I am very worried. I am thinking about getting an std test done.  Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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Hi, symptoms do not define presence of HIV. If your condom broke when the genital was inside him then you need to test yourself after 28 days of the exposure with a 4th gen duo test. Generally people do not lie about their HIV status but a risk is a risk.
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