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Worried that condoms do not elimiate the risk for HIV

"Response from Dr. Dezube

Based on the information you have given me, it would be unlikely, but not impossible, for you to have contracted HIV infection. Condoms do not eliminate the risk of HIV infection, they just diminish the risk. We call this "safer" sex, rather than "safe" sex. The best advice, which I can give you, is to get HIV tested. Knowledge is power and you need to know."

The above answer is from the body.com
The question was risk of HIV after protected sex with out a broken condom
My situation is also similar I had sex with a csw with a condom, now am having symtoms for 1 about a year
No fever till now
But had symtoms including
Weight loss
Pain in armpit withiut swelling
Fingernail infection
And pain while urination(for 2 weeks)
My lymph nodes are contionously swollen on the collarbone
Canker sore on tounge every month lasting 5 days

Pls provide the right information!
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That doctor copies and pastes that answer on EVERY question on that site.  At this point, I'd be surprised if he were even answering personally.  No one will use the word "impossible" - that is not a term used in medicine.  The fact is that when a condom is used correctly (does not break), you will not get HIV.  No one gets HIV from condom-protected sex.

HIV symptoms would never last that long, nor would they turn up after one year.  If you are concerned, see a doctor, take a test, whatever it takes to put your mind at ease, but no matter what you say, no one in this forum will tell you you had a risk for HIV - you did NOT.
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But there are some cases of HIV infection even after protected sex and   I wouldn't be worried if I didn't get all these symtoms especially the swollen nodes,  am really anxious now ,
Can an viaibly unbroken condom prevent hiv
If you are solely making your symptoms as a basis of your fear, then we would say, you are grossly mistaken. Symptoms are confusing and misleading most of the time. We have seen individuals went through almost all the symptoms but got a "clean chit" when tested. On the other hand, many actually infected people remained totally asymptomatic during the same period.

Synthetic condoms provide 100% protection against HIV if used correctly and consistently. However such assurance remains valid until the condom remains intact. As soon as it fails, a totally protected sex turns otherwise suddenly.

If you are doubtful about effectiveness of the condom, it is your choice not to get involved in condom protected penetrative sex at all. If you are too much concerned about the risk you feel you had, get yourself tested after the defined window period and rule out the possibility conclusively
This my first and only sexual experience and I used a condom which didn't visibly break and yet have  mentioned symtoms
I never had any unprotected sex
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Your symptoms do not look like HIV related, but even then, these are enough to trigger a fear especially in this crucial period.

We maintain that an act of protected sex (when the protection does not fail) is a Zero risk activity.  Your state of mind certainly needs a test to get a calm down. Suggest you to get tested for HIV Duo test, any time after 28 days of your exposure, collect your conclusive report, lay all your residual worries to rest permanently and move on with your life normally.
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Crucial Period?
Ididnt get that, are you saying my situation is risky
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No I did not mean that.. I meant that the time when somebody experiences symptoms (because of any reason) in the early weeks after the exposure, that period is crucial because he / she thinks that these symptoms are because of ARS, whereas in reality, they are not if the exposure does not exist
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You were already advised that you had no risk.  Condoms are safe and an effective barrier to STIs.  The reason any one would say condoms are 99% safe is because they might have 1% chance of breakage.  If the condom doesnt fail, there can be no scope of contraction.

Your problem seems to be paranoia triggered due to incorrect advise and excessive online searching.  I suggest you get off the internet,  think rationally and accept the fact that you didnt have a risk.  For symptoms that you speak about - Anxiety can cause array of symptoms, since you are sensitive and over analysing your body during HIV scare any small change that you would generally not notice on an usual day would seem like  ARS to you. It's all in your head.  

I wouldn't suggest you to pursue any testing as you never had a risk,  going down that route will only aggravate your what - if situation in your head.  

Cut it to the chase - accept that you didn't have a risk and move on.  If you still face difficulty, go see a counselor. HIV is not your problem. Good luck.
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