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8 weeks back I went to sex worker... Condom broke duing sex...after 1 month I had all the ARS symptoms mentioned in net.. I asked the call girl to go for the HIV duo test after 28 days of exposure and she was negative... After 5 weeks I went for PCR test and it came negative, so do my HIV duo test after 7 weeks... Do I need to test again at 13 weeks mark??? Ur suggestion would be really appreciated
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A 4th generation test is conclusive at 28 days. You likely had the flu since you just self-diagnosed ARS - consider if someone who wasn't a doctor told you he could diagnose you then you would say no way, so your own self-diagnosis is also useless.
Thanks!! So I guess no need for further testing at 12 weeks mark and I can move on... Right???
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I was just going through some old post here and a TEAK would say 3 months negative result is conclusive.. he even says that he has seen negative result changes to positive after 6 weeks.. I have a 7 week negative CMIA ab/ag report with me now.. can I be assured??
Teak has been gone for years. The testing window period for a 4th generation test was updated after he left to state that a 28 day negative on a 4th gen is as good as conclusive. So yes your test is conclusively negative and it's time for you to move on and quit thinking about this.
Thanks.. well it seems everything has to go against me for me to be HIV positive.. the girl also tested negative 28 days after my exposure with CMIA HIV duo test.. CMIA HIV duo test is reliable right???
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Can I get a reply??
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