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Hello. On Friday 5/29/20 I had protected intercourse i am a female and unprotected oral sex.    By Sunday I developed a sore throat and it felt like it was burning and still have it to this day. For the past two days I’ve had severe chills even though it’s not really cold. As far as I know the condom did not break as I do recall being able to fill the condom so if something has happened I’m not aware. I went to the doctor yesterday and got tested for everything. I am a person that gets tested every 3 months as I like to be in the habit of doing it even if I’m not having sex. I am aware that you can get stds via oral which is what prompted my to get tested asap also I read gonorrhea can display symptoms after only two days what is the likelihood it’s an std should I be concerned something happened with the condom because I was just fine before. Thanks for your time
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Protected intercourse with a condom that does not VISIBLY break is not a risk for HIV.  There's no need to fill condoms with water to check them.  As long as the head of your partner's penis was covered during intercourse, you had zero risk for HIV.  

Additionally, there's no way a person could get symptoms of HIV that soon, and it's unlikely you'd have symptoms of any STD that soon, but you can ask about STDs in that forum: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
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