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Worry from beard shaving, Plaquenil drug effect on tests reliability

My problem is that I went to shave my hair and beard at the barber shop in 18th of July 2015 ,the barber used a straight razor to shave my beard, he changed the old blade as usual then put a cologne (for shaving) on the blade's clutch (which it holds the blade itself) then he lit the cologne using a lighter for 5 - 7 seconds then he wiped the blade's clutch with a new tissue, after all he put a new blade to shave for me, started the shaving and injured me and here my worrying started the problem is not here also, I was taking Advaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) medication (immunosuppressive medication) from the period of 1st July 2015 to 14th July of 2015 -two weeks exactly- one tablet each day "half in the morning and half in the evening"
In the 1st of August 2015 after 14 days & 2 hours (I calculated the period exactly) "the lab where I did the test in their pamphlet about Aids consider the window period 12 days after exposure" I got tested HIV PCR RNA and received the result after 5 days and it was "Negative, Target not detected"
after 28 days and 1:45 hours got tested Combo or what called 4th generation which it looks for antigens and atibodies and it came "Negative" 0.286 S/CO
1)Can I consider my results for both of these two tests are conclusive?
2)2)Does the medication that I was taking effect on the reliability of my tests, as I have seen on internet. this medication needs from 32 days - 50 days to be eliminated from the body, To be frank I saw an old post " here is the link http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Peace-Of-MindPRICELESS/show/1536968"; for someone asked on this site and was answered by Dr. Edward W Hook and he told him that the medication he is on "the same medication I had" may delay the antibodies production But would have no influence on HIV PCR test reliability. Is that true?
Am I safe, or should retest Combo test at 6 or 8 weeks or at 13 weeks?
I hope If there is any doctor here can answer me, it's very important for me
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Read what Vance wrote you
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Does Plaquenil has any effect on HIV PCR RNA test reliability ?
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You had no risk
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