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I had a casual sexual encounter with an escort, while I was kinda drunk. She gave me a blowjob without condom and we had protected vaginal sex afterwards. After the intercourse, in shower, I remembered shockingly that, exactly one week before I had a superficial cut down near the end of penile shaft (while shaving). It had bled just a couple minutes and was not bleeding at the time of the intercourse (was looking like a scar). I am not sure if the condom was covering the wound or not. At the moment I am going nuts. For sure I will take the test after 6 and 12 weeks but I wonder in which risk class I am in at the moment... Thank you so much
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You're in the zero risk class. You didn't have a risk and don't require testing,
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Thank you. But doesn't the sore maintain a risk of getting infection? Can I be confident? Her vaginal fluids would have touched my sore.
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A cut at the base of your penis, ((one that allows you to have intercourse without thinking about it)) is not a risk, even if her fluids did come into contact with it.
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By the way, forgive my English. The wound was more like a pinkish trace with less than a mm in depth than a completely recovered scar. But was not bleeding at the time of the intercourse. And there's a possibility that the condom was not covering it completely.
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Thank you again. I know I might drive you crazy with my questions but the cut was not at the base, on my shaft but closer to base. Probably on the part that penetrates the vagina... Still the same comment would you give?
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Still no risk. A half-millimeter pinkish scar doesn't put you at risk. You're talking about one of the most sensitive places of the body. If it were a cut or scar that posed an actual risk, you can be sure it would've prevented you from maybe getting an erection in the first place, let alone intercourse.
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Thank you very much!
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