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Worst fear and negative

Hello,Brother I already spoke this forum, but catched me worst fear, that some websites 4th gen combo test not conclusive at 6 weeks and repeat after 3month. It’s confused me. What i do? 6 weeks enough? Or repeat again 3 month??
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If the condom actually broke, you were right to test. If it was a slip, you didn't need to. If the other person tested negative at 28 days when you tested, then you could not get hiv from him. The entire episode at WORST case scenario was less than 1 percent risk and you tested negative at 28 days. You are over worrying. Do you see that? Get help for anxiety so you can have a normal sex life. Your test result will not change after 28 days. You are negative.
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Hi brother yesterday i questioned Dr.Hunder HH from Healthtap sites, Doctor said 6weeks 4th gen test conclusive and no need further test, another Doctor also ans my question…
Then why are you asking here? Your test will NOT change at 28 days and beyond and that is pretty standard. Take care and move on
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