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Worst mistake of my life

I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a sexworker I know it was the worst decision of my life
I have tested for HIV antibody by immunochromatography it came back non reactive after 8 weeks is my test result reliable?
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I know that results are conclusive only at 3 months marks.
But I want to know from experts like you have seen 8 week negative later turned positive?
Is 8 weeks a good indication?
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No one in this forum sees patients, nor can we know the timing and outcome of every HIV test.  You've already been advised that it's a very good indication, so there's no need for reassurance.  The guidelines are 12 weeks post-event for a conclusive test.  It is YOUR CHOICE of when to stop testing.
Take a duo test it will be conclusive at 28 days or 45 days
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A one time exposure of unprotected vaginal sex is low risk, however, it IS a risk.  You need a conclusive result. Very true that your 8 week test result is unlikely to change but you could take a 4th generation Duo test and know for sure. That would be conclusive. Otherwise, you should test one more time at 90 days to confirm your negative.  It will likely not change but since you did actually have a risk, you should make sure.
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If you are comfortable with unlikely then that is your choice.
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You could have taken a due after 4 weeks for a conclusive result. You can take an antibody after 12 weeks for a conclusive result, so the retest choice is yours. An early test can't provide answers, otherwise the guidelines would say to test at 8 weeks.
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I have read answers from Dr. HHH where he says 8 week results are very unlikely to change. What about that?

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