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Would like your assessment.

Hey all.  On Dec. 30, Jan. 13, and Jan. 30 had protected oral+vaginal with CSW's.  I don't remember the condom being taken off on the Jan. 30th encounter but it was definitely protected from the get go (I have no reason to believe the CSW would take the condom off prematurely).  Very dumb, I know.  It will never happen again.  I just hope I have gotten away scott free.  Feb. 5 (6 days post last exposure), got a bump behind left ear which hurt very bad if pressing on my ear.  At the same time pressure on my left side temple started.  Was prescribed Zithromycin (doctor said it was an abscess), and it rapidly went away in 3-4 days of antibiotics. Pressure remained.  Slight metallic/bad breath taste in my mouth.  Pressure is extending down the left side of my face (across the cheek bone) and ending at my molar.  Saw a dentist, and he stated everything loked fine (except for some cavities).  The following week was given an antiinflammatory, which didn't help.  
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The next week, big lump protruding from right below my chin (between adams apple and chin).  Saw an ENT, and he wasn't too concerned, and wanted to watch it.  He stated that I have a slight deviated septom, and I may have sinusitis (looked up my left nostril with a scope (even though I had no other symptoms of sinusitis)).  Prescribed antibiotics for a two week period.  Noticed some bone pain in my knee (happend for like an hour once) and what appears to be a sprained right knee (I may have sprained it carrying a big load of laundry).  Lots of knee cracking since then, and some slight arm pain in my left arm.  Left breast seems a bit sore too and slightly itchy at times.  3 or 4 occasions of very slight dampness on my shirt collar from awaking from sleep at night, and once on the back of head where my hair is.  Some vivid dreams, and definitely have not been sleeping well (waking up every 3-4 hours).

No fever whatsoever, no sore throat, no abdominal pain (I do feel slightly more full when eating at times though), no nausea/vomiting (I did get a stomach ache once after dinner but that rapidly subsided within 2 hours and the standard bloated feeling came for a bit), and apparent sunburn type rases from what I can see.  It does feel slightly scratchy (I'm a smoker), and I am feeling a slight drip in the back of my throat at times.  Dull ache (as one would get from sinusitis) remains and appears to be spreading across my forehead at times.  Mostly concentrated on left side (as it has been). Neck now feels stiff in the back only.  Yesterday I felt warm, and the left side felt extremely warm after taking advil.  Took a temperature and no temperature whatsoever.  Has been low 97 to high 98 throughout the month (mostly mid 98).

OraSure negative at 25 days post last exposure.  So this would most likely rule out the Dec. 30 and Jan. 13 encounters most likely.

What do you all think?  Atypical Sinusitis (I have never gotten Sinusitis) + Extreme Guilt + Extreme Anxiety, HIV, or any other STD?

I am seriously considering a RNA PCR test.  I have a very funny feeling that I have contracted HIV (I just have this feeling).

I will also post this to the doctor (it has been returning no questions allowed at this time when I try), but wanted your assessment.

Thanks and have a great day all.
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sorry last sentence, also noticed a slight pull in my right scrotum the day after the last exposure which lasted on to the next day, but then dissappeared.  i thought that was kind of wierd, and know, no std can cause symptoms in 2 days.  I realise 6 days may even be too early for ARS to show up, and I can imagine that I would be ravaged with other tell tale symptoms (at least a fever), but who knows....
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I have been in almost the same exact boat as you.  However for me my worry did not set it for 3 months, so I was able to test right away.  As far as the encounters you describe, their is not chance of contacting hiv through intact latex (I know this becuase like I said, I am in the same boat and have asked the same questions).  You should test out to 3 months for peace of mind, however I think you should start getting it in to your head that you have nothing wrong with you.  I say this becuase inspite of my neg at 13 weeks, I am still reverting to this site for reassurance.  Your symptoms are most likely due to stress and anxiety.  Also you are scrutenizing each and every sensation that you have most likely had and never paid any attention to.
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Apologies for my spelling...  And BTW a sinus infection is the likely cause of the dull pressure you are describing.  There are eustation tubes that run down from the sinus to the back of the throat, those can get clogged during a sinus infection and cause dicomfort in the jaw area.
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ya, but wouldn't i have other symptoms if it were a sinus infection?  doc says i do have a slight deviated septom, but again, very asymptomatic.  also i am getting headaches in only the temple regions.  why the swollen lymph node under my jaw?  i have never once gotten a swollen node, nor a sinus infection of any sort.  this may or may not be sinus related.

i am unsure if a dna or rna pcr would be a bad idea dude to the false positive rate.  i am looking to calm my fears.  i keep telling myself that it was protected (even though i don't remember the tail end of it), and the chance of transmission is low, but that is def. not helping, hehe.
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'What do you all think? Atypical Sinusitis (I have never gotten Sinusitis) + Extreme Guilt + Extreme Anxiety....

You got it in one! You had protected sex, you weren't at risk. It's sinusitis my friend.

You're HIV negative:)
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The paranoia of HIV, I think, is as big a medical threat as the disease itself.

Look, don't have promiscuous unprotected gay anal sex, don't shoot drugs with other users, you won't get HIV.  And to be extra safe, every time you have sex with a woman, wear a condom.  You're risk goes from virtually negligable to zero.

I posted a comment on Feb. 23 with the patient-doctor forum, maybe you should read it.  Read the doctor's statistics.

I got a blowjob from a stripper last night and have absolutely NO worries.  This is someone who would have been paranoid from it five years ago.  I enjoyed every second of it and still have a smile on my face.  Damn she was hot.
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I hope u all are right and this is just coincidence.  please pray for me.  I have a funny feeling that I will not come out of this ok though...
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Prayer is not what you need, unless that is going to ease your anxiety.  Read more threads from this site, they are latent with anxiety; I am finally staring to get it myself.

Give your self a break... You paid for sex, now you have your self convinced that your 'sin' is going to garner you some kind of punishment.  The fact is you did everything necessary and practical to protect your self.
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just an update.  day 31 orasure negative. yesterday night (day 33-34) had a fever of 101 which resolved quickly during the night and had a true night sweat (sweat on my body and pillow).  lots of knee muscle pain, and feel very congested (most likely from the sinusitis which is very slowly getting better).  I really hope all this is a coincidence, and I will scoot away scot free.  ill update u guys next week when it'll be 6 weeks.  I hope I haven't ruined my life with reckless impulsiveness.
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