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Would you consider these tests HIV conclusive?

Exposure is torn condom with CSW (unknown status). Tests are the following:

1. HIV PCR Qual - 11 days (neg)

2. HIV PCR Qual + full STD screen - 18 days (neg)

3. HIV PCR Quant + 4th Gen HIV Duo ab/ag (lab) - 24 days (neg)

4. HIV PCR Qual + 4th Gen HIV Rapid Duo ab/ag (blood from vein - result in 20 mins) - 31 days (neg)

Conscious of not over testing / allowing anxiety to spiral. Would be grateful for your input please as to whether you would consider the above conclusive.
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I'm not really sure what your follow up question was getting at but your last test, a duo at 31 days was fully conclusive. At this point, after a genuine risk of broken condom, you did the responsible thing and got tested. You tested negative in the appropriate time frame so would not try to remove this situation from your worry well.  It is over and you didn't get HIV from it.  It is harder to get HIV than most think and a broken condom is less than a one percent chance of someone getting HIV from that one time situation.  So, I am  not at all surprised you are negative.  Take care.
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Thank you for taking the time to respond, and for the reassuring words. Just to come back on the first bit - The question arose as a result of various references in some of the literature that a rapid, point of care, HIV Duo test is not as accurate as a lab based Duo test.

Thank you again for coming back to me and take care likewise.
We can't keep answering the same questions over and over.  We're volunteers here.  You are negative.  That's the bottom line.  While you had a risk, it was low.  Why you kept taking tests before the day of the 28th is an anxiety driven issue you have. And not being able to let it go is as well. Your duo on 24 days is unlikely to change.  It was confirmed it didn't by the rapid test.  I can't give you any other answers than that but if your anxiety will not allow you to stop obsessing over it, take a lab based duo now and be done with it.  There are NO other answers on this forum. You are negative but if you can't accept it, test one more time with a lab based duo.  It's your money, not mine.  So test if you are going to continue to ask.
Thank you again for coming back to me. Agree on the anxiety point, I know you are right about that. I think this is a great resource so I won't take up anymore of your time - that was genuinely my only one follow-up query so won't be posting a further one.
We can answer follow up questions but this was more of an anxiety question we can't solve for you.  So, you should ask more questions if you have a future issue or other queries.  That's what we are here for. But answering the same thing is hard to keep doing.  
All noted - thank you again!
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Oral, anal or vaginal?
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Apologies for the lack of detail - vaginal
Duo is conclusive after 4 weeks so you are fine to move on. No reason to test again.
Oral is zero risk, btw.
Duly noted - thank you for the prompt response!
One further query, if I may please. Would you differentiate between 1. the rapid Duo test I've noted above as done on the 31st day (ie Duo point of care test and not lab based) and 2. a lab based duo test?

Wanted to see if that would affect your statement re Duo being conclusive after 28 days.

Many thanks, and merry Christmas all!
If there were more details to advise you about, I would have done so before - instead of making you keep coming up with more details to be reviewed later. The advice twice told you to move on.
Thank you for coming back to me so promptly. That was my only follow-up query. All the best.

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