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about HIV infection symptoms

Dear all,

Last month I had high risk behavior, and now is in the third week. from the beginning of this week, I got such symptoms:

The most obvious one is whole body bone ache. It started from 9th, firstly appreared in two legs, then in the next day, 10th, transfered to arms, wrists and fingers. The ache is continuous and symmetrical on left and right; especially the wrists, when I tough them, the pain becomes very heavier.

Since yesterday, my muscle on my back feels very sore, and last night I found a groin lymp node, no toughing ache but it is a little hard and the size is about 7mmx5mm; there also is a lymp node in similar situation under left oxter.

I have Chronic pharyngitis, usually it is no feeling but this days I feel slight pain in throat when swallow. Yesterday I started to cough slightly.

Besides above, some rashes appears singly, no connected; when the last one disappeared, the next one appeares.

I started to observe my body temperature when my body ache appears, the oxter heat is like this: when the ache firstly appeared, in that day, the highest heat is 37.4C0, in these days, in the morning, it is about 36.5-36.8c0, at noon is about 37.0-37.2C0, in the afternoon is around 36.9C0, at night is around 36.9C0. (I use Mercury thermometer to test 10min) But since yesterday I feel muscle sore, to me it alway is a signal for fever, I am so worried about it.

In addition, in 10th, the second day after bone pain appeared, I went to doctor and did a regular blood test. The lymp cell number is 2.1, and ratio is 33.9%. But in April 1st of our company's body test, my lymp number is 2.14 and ratio is 35.9%. I do not know if there is any change in the past 2 days, because in the past two days I become to feel muscle ache on my whole back and arms.

Dear friends, as your aboundant experience and knowledge, do you think the above symptoms are typical HIV infection symptoms?

Great appreciation for your help!
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Your symptoms have nothing to do with  HIV. If you are concerned about your symptoms see your doctor.
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What was your exposure?
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Intercourse with condom with a prostitute, she provided orial sex and masturbation to me with out condom; especially I used my newly broken finger to insert her vagina for about 6 min. The wound is 2 hours before the risk behavior. It is about 1cm wide, 1 mm deep and bleed when it was broken, but when I insert it into the prostitute, it is no bleeding but I still can see the red mucosa in the wound. Before intercoure I washed my hands, so there is no red blood scar in the wound, I can see the mucosa directly.

Sir, is my symptoms typical in infection period? The whole body bone ache ususally occures before, together or after fever? and what is the temperature of HIV infection fever?
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No and you didn't have an exposure.
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Dear sir,

The meaning of  "no exposure" is no risk? But they say the body bone ache is just caused by immunity trouble... And it appeard just in the beginning of the 3rd week.
Could you pls provide any opinion that "usually the infection symptom of body muscle & bone ache is caused by fever or could appear independently? if it is arised by fever, it appears before, together or after fever? In additon, what is the temperature of HIV infection fever?"

Thank you so much.
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Is the bone &musle ache in HIV infection period caused by fever or could appear independently? As you know, by now, my most obvious symptom is whole body bone continuously ache, but my oxter temperature seems OK till now. Thank you!
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Thank you sir for your encouragement. Do you think I need to do HIV test in the 6th week or 3rd month?
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