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about swollen lymph nodes???

My question to members who particularly know about the swollen lymph nodes in HIV... ARE THSE SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES VISIBLE TO EYE AND PAINFUL?? OR ONLY NEEDS DOCTOR'S DIAGNOSIS????
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you NEVER had a risk and if you have swollen lymph nodes (which i highly doubt) they are NOT hiv related.
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Thanx for the prompt reply,
I dont have the swollen lymph nodes as of now.. but there is a pain in armpits and tonsils area.. thats why I am worried! But myself really cant see them swollen in mirror. I cant feel any kind of lumps but still it pains.. dont know why??? Thats why i juz wanted to know about the ' swollen lymph node' concept.
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stop looking for "symptoms"...you had NO RISK
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