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how accurate is  p24 combination antibody test for hiv if i will take the test at 4 mos after a possible contact?
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4 months after an incident would give you certainty.
I do not know why you took a p24, an AB test would be just fine.
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If you are infected, a P24 test is unreliable after 4 weeks.
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but hiv test here is hiv combi test with p24 did you mean that hiv combi test is not accurate at 4 mos
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you are WELL outside any time frame for HIV testing.
you are conclusively NEGATIVE.
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The second half of a Duo test is an antibody test.
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Why is a p24 test unreliable at 4 weeks when this is the time period manufacturers state it is most effective at (28 days)?
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second to that teak. I got my P24 and A/B test done after 25 days of exposure. What you think about accuracy in that time frame.
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Dear Sir;
I am 40 year male, i did unprotected sex with CSW last 8 month ago, last 3 weeks, i suffered weakness,tiredness, white patch on my mouth and throat. so, i am so scare and did at home with Rapid test kit show hiv 1 an 2 positive. i am anxious and then i went to famous private laboratory done HIV ELISA and HIV DUO Ultra test.
after 1 scaring night, result return that ELISA- Non reactive, DUO Ultra test- Negative (Ab- 0.08, Ag- 0.00)
1. it that mean i am not HIV?
2. different between rapid test at home and lab ELISA TEST?
3. both ELISA and HIV DUO ULTRAtest can detect HIV 1 and 2?
4. home test rapid test can be false positive?
5. should i do another tests?
i hope from you reply and comments of my result
my email is ***@****
gave me chance if you reply by my email
if not please reply at forum
i am so nervous
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