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acute hiv?

Hello, I may or may not be having acute hiv sympotms. I was wondering if you are in fact having acute hiv symptoms and you do have hiv is it possible for the test to show up positive early as 2 weeks or the absoulte soonest 3 months. Can u have symptoms n it show up positive before 3 months or the result may not be accrate before 3 months even tho u may be having symptoms. Thanks.
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Of course you can have symptoms and then test positive on a test before 3 months.Most people infected will have a positive test result at 6 to 8 weeks.3 months just means that all people will be positive by then and the result will be 100% conclusive.Remember also that only a test result can diagnose hiv,not symptoms alone.What was your exposure anyway?
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Ok, thank you. I had unprotected intercourse w  2 different male partners w in 2 weeks of eachother. The first partner was one time intercourse encounter, the other male encounter 2 weeks later we had repeated intercourse that night. Only reason I am worried is bc I am having "symptoms" after two weeks w. Second partner. I tested at 5 weeks an a couple days for first partner and that test was neg, along w testing at 2 weeks after second partner reslult was neg. I got tested bc I was worried an was may or may not be having symptoms. Thanks, p.s I am a straight female, just clarifying in case there was any confusion. Thanks again for your time.
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Ok,any negative test is good but its a bit early as you probably know,at 3 months after your last unprotected exposure you can obtain your 100% conclusive result.I wish you all the best and don,t assume the worst.Most hetro sexual males don,t have hiv.
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Ok true, thanx....thanku, I know I do have a tendency to think the worst. Ok.  Hank you very much!:) much appriciated, thank you for your time.
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So let me make sure I understand this correctly, if someone is experiencing acute hiv n gets tested at 2 weeks after exposure it is possible if they do in fact have hiv for the test to be positive, correct? Thanks
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Not always.ARS symptoms appear 2 to 4 weeks after infection and last anywhere between 4 days and 2 weeks.A 4 week p24combo would be appropriate at this time and be very accurate but the bottom line is your not going to get a 100% conclusive result until 3 months post-exposure.To answer your question if your are having genuine ARS symptoms like very high fever very sore throat and rash on trunk--torso then your seroconverting and a positive test result after these symptoms have presented or gone would highly likely indicate a positive result.But symptoms never diagnose hiv only a test result does.
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Ok, thank you very much.
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Thanks again, so an hiv counselor once told me things I should be concerned abut my partners if they do drugs, w needles, have sex w other men, or are having anal, I think that's what he told me anything else I should be looking out for?.......thanks.
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No,what he told you was spot on.They are all the high risk groups.Its good to see an hiv counselor that knows his stuff.He advised you well.
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Groups are not high risk, it's YOUR actions that make it high risk or not.
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There are high risk groups,Men who have sex with Men and people who share iv drug works and there is plenty of data that supports this statement.I agree to that peoples actions place them at high risk,if they engage in high risk activities aswell.
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No there are not high risk groups. The grouping of people doesn't make your risk high it the actions you take in having sex makes YOUR risk elevated or not. Use a condoms correctly and consistently and you'll never have a risk of contracting HIV no matter what the HIV status of your partner is.
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Dear Sir
I am 40 year male, i did unprotected sex with CSW last 8 month ago, last 3 weeks, i suffered weakness,tiredness, white patch on my mouth and throat. so, i am so scare and did at home with Rapid test kit show hiv 1 an 2 positive. i am anxious and then i went to famous private laboratory done HIV ELISA and HIV DUO Ultra test.
after 1 scaring night, result return that ELISA- Non reactive, DUO Ultra test- Negative (Ab- 0.08, Ag- 0.00)
1. it that mean i am not HIV?
2. different between rapid test at home and lab ELISA TEST?
3. both ELISA and HIV DUO ULTRAtest can detect HIV 1 and 2?
4. home test rapid test can be false positive?
5. should i do another tests?
i hope from you reply and comments of my result

if not please reply at forum
i am so nervous
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please read your post on the forum...you dont have to keep bringing up posts.
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