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after 3 months test negative hiv is enough

i had a sex with condom and sudenly it remve and i use it again after 2 days i had infection in my urion i got tablet and antibytic from doctor and 1 week my test urion was good but in 7 weeks after that i had cold after 3,5 4, 4.5 ihad test hiv all of them was negative but i am worry very much i cannot sleep because 3 weeks i have sore throu and pain my back please help me i have hiv
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Using condom twice not recommended! Trust me. The fact that your tests were negative is a good sign. Everybody says that HIV duo test good at 28 days but confirmation at three months.

Hard to not say dont freak out because I am too! Try and focus on your negative tests!
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hi thanks i know i made mistake this time was first time and last time you think 4.5 month is enough perhaps  it changes to positive some people say 6 month is conclusive because after 6 month now i have sore trough and pin back it is very bad please help me if you know icannot sleep
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my mean 3,3.5,4.5 monthafter sex
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please answer me it is a request please
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A test at 3 months post exposure is conclusive. You didn't need to test at 3.5 and 4.5 months post exposure. You're fine. You don't have HIV. See a GP for your symptoms. They are not HIV related.
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thank you but my doctor told me 6 month is conclusive it is possible you are in window period therfore 4.5 month isnt conclusive and some doctors dont know this subject , i couldnt sleep in 5 month if i dont have hiv why i get pain back and dre mouthand sore trough
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what is the GP
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Your doctor is being very conservative (GP= General Physician= ur regular doctor)

"Delayed Seroconversion".  We have all heard horror stories of people who test negative for YEARS, even decades, somehow being infected without having a POS HIV test.  This is a bunch of "you know what".  It doesn't happen, it is an urban myth.  If a person has transmitted the virus, they will test pos, actually quite rapidly (usually within 6 weeks of exposure).  3 months will give a person with an exposure a conclusive result.  If a person does not test POS for HIV 3 months after an exposure, then they did not contract HIV.  The ONLY exception to this is people who have literally NO immune system who may take longer to produce antibodies.  This would include an extremely small portion of the population, and would include situations such as....a person taking anti-rejection meds post an organ transplant, a person on aggressive chemotherapy, or a person with terminal, end stage cancer, again...people who have NO immunity.  Even this "delayed" seroconversion among this small population is highly debated among medical professionals.  Even people in these categories usually test POS within the 3 month window period, but as a precaution, it is recommended that people with severely compromised immune systems test to 6 months post an exposure.  NO ONE ELSE NEEDS TO TEST BEYOND 3 MONTHS.  If a person was prescribed PEP ("Post Exposure Prophylaxis), then they need to test 3 months after their LAST dose of PEP.
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