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also wondering about LiL's question about lypoatrophy

her question was about lypoatrophy...."is that the only way, or can it happen just from the HIV itself?  if so, does that sort of thing show up early on or later in the infection? "

i was wondering now also b/c i see a little indent at my hip bone, long but slender.   Can someone explain in more detail who gets this and when?  Thanks
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i meant to spell it lipodystrophy
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HIV itself does not cause lipodystrophy.
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Teak, please just answer this one more thing....Ok so, since i got tested at 3 months and was negative, I should forget about the little indents by my pelvic bones?  What you are saying is basically, if someone was positive and were on meds, the meds would be causing the lipodystrohy?  Please answer, Im starting to worry that I had a false-negative and could now have HIV.
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3 months negative test your negative.
The little dent in your pelvic region has nothing to do with HIV
Certain HAART meds causes lipodystrophy,
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