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am i at risk

I am a gay, 31 years old, male.  One week ago, I did sex with a 54-year-old man who got piles.
Firstly, I inserted my finger(with lube) into his anus, without wearing a condom on finger.
Then, I put  a condom on my penis, and inserted my penis into his anus.
When I pulled my penis out, I found that there was a scab(dull red) and a little blood on his groin.
The scab and blood maybe came from the piles inside his anus.
I wiped them with toliet paper and continued anal intercourse.
MY questions is:
(1)There was small wound on my finger(under the edge of my hand nail), when I inserted my finger into his anus, maybe I touched his blood inside, am I at risk?
(2)After I found the blood on his groin, I still inserted my penis into his anus. During the anal intercourse, I pulled out my penis severl times and my hand touched the condom. Maybe there was blood on the condom, am I  at risk?
(3)The condom was not broken. However, since there was blood in his anus, and blood is dangerous liquid, Do I have any other risk?
Please answer me, thanks very much.
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To CurfewX: Thanks a lot for your answer.
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To guitarrox: Thanks a lot fot your answer.(p.s. I can not comment, when I clicked "comment", nothing happened. So I have to "answer".)
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To guitarrox: people in this community always say that Hiv is infected inside, no one can get hiv outside the body. However, when finger is in anus, is it "inside"? So why fingering is not a risk?
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A finger is NOT a penis. It does not have a urethral opening, which is how HIV enters through the penis.  You will never get HIV from using your finger, or any other body part.  
CurfewX is exactly right and I hope you take that explanation to heart.  You did not have a risk.  
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The risks for HIV are really clear.  They include unprotected vaginal or anal sex with penetration and sharing IV drug needles. You can not get HIV from fingering or getting blood on your hand.  From your explanation of what happened, you did not risk HIV.  
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