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answer please

Hello everyone. I am new to this site. Let me start by thanking everyone for there help. I have had back and leg aches the worst the last couple weeks. Aches and pains in other places too. I also have blood in my stool. But this has happened to me on n off for sometime before other symptons. I haven't been hungry sorta just feeling sick everyday. Ive lost atleast 5 lbs in the last week or two. I'm very stressed out about this. I did have a sexual encounter with a random woman about 5-6 weeks ago. Protection was used. I am scared the condom might have came loose. I might just be stressing my self out over this. I went and did tests and blood work last Wednesday.  Would hiv be a big concern for these symptoms?  
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You had protected sex, which means you had no risk.
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I did but I think the first condom was sliding down I remember I put a new one on. But still worried about if anything got in because it slipping off almost
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Also I have had a rash in my groin area and feel like a sore throat and some slight diarrhea yesterday. I feel I had some hpt flahes too. I worry alot and over think things. But I'm very scared cause it was a one nighter and the girl was questionable.
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As long as the head of your penis was covered, you had no risk.
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