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anxiety and stressed up help

I accidentally poked myself with a sewing needle which had just poked someone who bled alot though i looked at my finger which did not bleed at all i quickly washed my hand and applied alcohol am worried since then,what are my chances of infections if blood didn't come out of my finger,can a needle poke access the blood in the body without a tiny bit of blood coming out of the poke,what should i do am so worried help me with your thoughts
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This kind of injury carries no known risk of blood borne infections like HIV and hepatitis B and C. They are transmitted only by much greater blood exposure, like with the hollow needles and syringes used for drug use, or in medical settings. The the other poked person had one of these infections is low, and even if s/he did, not enough blood can be carried on a non-hollow needle for virus transmission. This isn't something for you to be at all worried about.

I hope this has helped. Best wishes and happy new year.
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This would be considered very little to no risk. It is believed that it takes a fairly large amount of active HIV virus over repeated exposures for an infection to take hold. Further, the HIV virus is actually quite weak when exposed to the atmosphere and begins to deactivate very soon after leaving the body. A sewing needle is not hollow, so in the event that the blood did contain HIV virus, it would have begin to deactivate very quickly. Further, again, in the highly unlikely event the blood contained HIV virus, the amount of virus that MAY have been found on the needle would have been a very small amount. All in all, I would not worry about this.
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Thanks for your advises it calming me down,since this accident happened to me just yesterday,sorry for being so anxious its because am breastfeeding i have a young baby so i will feel very guilty if i infect her like this,i know if i go to the hospital the will put me under the medication for i while and i will have to stop breastfeeding of which my baby will suffer since she is a little under weight and needs my milk,the girl who poked herself did it a minute before i accidentally poked myself too,my question is can a needle access my blood without blood coming out of my finger after the poke? Because i felt the poke but i didn't bleed,help help your advises are highly considered...
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Thanks for the advice,can you please help me understand how a sewing needle can't carry enough blood to transmit the virus? I thought that any amount of blood is enough to cause infection,was also worried about hepatitis which you say its not a risk help me understand please
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Minimal amounts like what would be on a sewing needle is not a risk.
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The other person got poked really deep she bled alot,and i got poked seconds after which means the blood on the needle was fresh,how was this minimal amount of blood not to pose a risk
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Seek a therapist for your anxiety. 3 people have explained this to you, you do not want to accept it, we can't help you then.
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