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i recenty had a cbc to rule out lymphoma, all my blood work came back perfectly and my lpymhnodes are within normal range. Because i was searching on the internet some lyphoma symptoms are similiar to hiv. i had no reason to have any hiv concern until i started google-ing on the web, I am now concerned about a time 3 years ago when i was in a monogamous relationshiop  and he said he was clean, we used the bc method of pulling out, my boyfriend of 2 years and now fiance was a virgin. We have been together 2yrs and our method is birth control pills only ..... he has had zero symptoms i have not had any symptoms, but have been going crazy with anxiety because of what i read on the internet , in your opinion should i have any concern ???
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If he were a virgin, not born to parents that are HIV positive and doesn't share IV works with anyone then there is no way he has HIV. Now you don't state your sexual history if you have put yourself at risk then you need to test.
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my first relationship prior to my fiance was monogamous but no condoms...that was 3 years ago and he pulled out each time....my fiance who i have been with for 2 years was a virgin...i was not ....are my chances highly unlikely especially after 3 years and having all my cbc blood work look perfect ? my fiance has shown no symptoms in two years
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Wrong. CBC won't tell you anything about your HIV status.
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