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anxious & scared

Helo people here.. i would like to ask some question here. I know my sex activity maybe would not put me on a high risk of hiv infection, but i have this 'scary' question to ask. I went to this csw place at her room where the light was so dim. She put me on with a condom & do the handjob & oral sex to me. What bothering me is what if she use a reuse condom from previous customer who maybe have hiv & other std to me? What are my risk here? Could i be infected by using a condom that has been use before by hiv person to me? I really feel scared now becoz i have a girlfriend & i dont want to infect her?  Please help me :'(
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You never had an exposure.
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no sex worker is going to reuse a condom.  they are very careful when it comes to condom usage.  they use condoms to protect THEMSELVES from YOU.

you had NO risk
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I hope you were right. But just a worst case scenario here. what if she use the reused one? What is the possibility there? Can someone be infected from using a condom which have a hiv positive semen in a condom? Could me get infectex with hiv? It happen so fast & the room was so dark. Please help me
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What do you mean by no exposure? Is using a reuse condom from previous customer who have a hiv semen in it, or the sex activity, the handjob & oral?
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There are plenty of CSW that won't make you wear a condom and some will charge you more for it.The service is known as the ''natural'' service.It's becoming more common.You should always provide your own just in case.
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So how would you put me on scale? Is it No Risk, Low risk or High Risk? Should i go for hiv & std test?
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I would say No risk.
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You mean No Risk becoz of the sexual act or becoz of the condom reused part? Please help me others moderators :'(
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Can you please answer me nurseqirl. I see that you are working in this health environment & i do hope you can give your point of view here from my concern
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No risk.
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First of all are you sure she re-use a condom? Very unlikely. Anyways hand job and oral sex is no HIV risk.
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Is it No Risk for the (if) reused condom too?
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