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any doctor/expert about HIV please answer

hi doctor/dear expert
i am a bisexual man who have been traveled to Asia-Bali. i went to a gay friendly spa there.and asked my masseur to remove his top when giving me massage.off course he denied at first time and requested for money.
i didn't want to have sex with him just i wanted to touch his body when giving me massage.when i paid him the money he got naked and tried to turn me on badly by licking my body(except my penis) and when i noticed he removed his briefs i wore a condom on his penis to prevent his genital secretion to contact my body. he thought i want him to **** me but when i made it clear that i don't want to have this kind of sex he removed his condom and continue to play my penis by his hand.his other hand was under my neck.
off course he sometimes played his penis too and i am not sure if he contacted any of his secretion to my penis head this way.
after one week when i was in Malaysia i felt kind of backache when walking and kind of fatigue. but i didn't notice it.when i came back from my travel it was 10 days past from the story when i noticed i had an ulcer in my mouth near my throat. at first i didn't care it but suddenly i remembered signs of acute HIV infection.and started to fear about this situation. after one day i couldn't eat i felt muscle aches and off course kind of stress. i started to read about it more and more through internet.i had a mild cold and fever. and sometimes i felt a mild sore throat. then i decided to take a test as soon as possible.
i knew i should wait at least for 8 weeks to have an elisa test so i took a RT-PCR test after 4 weeks that came back negative. and an elisa test at that time came back negative too.
i lost my appetite frequently and kind of nausea but it was like a sense that disappeared and again i had it.it was repeated for 3 times in the first 40 days.
after 8 weeks i took another elisa test that came back negative again. but the thing that bothers me is persistent sore throat that i can feel it through out my neck. i took antibiotics and any remedies that doctors prescribed but it is still there. i tried to convince myself that my risk has been near missed but when i notice this kind of symptoms that now has been gone and my sore throat and a bit of weigh loss i can't do my work.
please tell me my risk and if i can trust this test and about my symptoms.
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You di dnot have a risk.
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