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anyone plz clear this doubt..

Is western blot test result reliable?? And which hiv test is better for testing at the time of acute infection or at primary stage of infection. .
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Acute infection, when its suspected BY YOUR PHYSCIAN, will order the approproate test.

I'm not telling you the test because it's a waste of money ubless you've had a high risk, like unprotected anal, and you now have a SEVERE rash and SEVERE sore throat with a high fever above 101 greater than 2 days.

If thats the case then your doctor will order 1 of the 2 appropriate test.
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Thanku KJ268. ..but my condition is like this can u help me
. Am 24 yr old boy .iam facing alot of health issues from sep 30th 2014.first I had cough and diharea for a week and persistent fever not more than 99.8 F.i had oral thrush.sore throat(difficult in swallowing), weight loss, skin blackening, unbareable body pains mainly leg pains, I some time have chest pain.these are the health issues faced by me since sept 30th to till date.
My habits
I smoke daily almost 8 cigarettes on average.i booze.
All this symptoms started appearing after a boozing party where I had a lot of smoking

Coming to my sexual history...
I had gay sex with 3 people (not on the same time) in 2007. And sexual relationship with a girl for about 1 year (ie from 2012 to 2013 oct).After dat I had sex twice with another girl in same year (I.e in Nov 2013).
I dint use condom at any time.
I took all the tests but all were normal.i took hiv elisa and pcr RNA qualitative test in this month all were negative.
Plzz help me wat will be the problem in my case.there are no proper doctor in my home town.  Plzz help am I infected with hiv.

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Vance why shouldn't I take others opinion
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Because asking the same question over and over is against the rules of this forum.
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YOUR PROBLEMS ARE ANXIETY. A fever is greater than 100 degrees. Your leg pains are stress along with you diarrhea. Your sore throat is stress induced from acid reflux or simply allergies. Your oral thrush was probably not oral thrush and just a white coating EVERYONE has that has made you think it's oral thrush

You can not self diagnose thrush. Only a doctor can. Thrush are red or white LESIONS that peel off then bleed. It is not a white coating on your tounge.

You are HIV negative.
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