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are these early symptoms of hiv/aids?

so right now i dont know what is happening to my body.
out of no wear i just started feeling really weird
i get dizzy alot
i feel like i'm not here sort of like a dreamy state.
blurred vision
i am always tierd even if i sleep 10 hour nights.
i am also really sore alot.
and i just feel like i'm going crazy!
i dont know what is wrong with me but i dont feel normal.
i have been to the doctor once about it and they gave me anti depressant pills saying i was depressed. but they only helped for a little bit.
maybe i need a high dosage or something but i dont know.
if anyone could help me out i'd be very happy.
id like to know if its something alot of people experiance or if i'm going insane.
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and i've had sex with 4 girls all protected
and i never have done drugs
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I highly doubt that you have HIV and your symptoms don't suggest it.
It's not a bad idea to take a test however.
I recommend staying off the antidepressants, unless you are actually clinically depressed.
Your doctor sounds a bit like a drug dealer to me...
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Why would he need to test if he had protected sex? I thought they say thats no risk
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If you have never had unprotected sex, never a condom failure and never shared works with another IV drug user then you have never had a chance of contracting HIV. No you don't need to test.
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The current CDC recommendation is for all sexually active adults to get an HIV test.
Besides, taking an HIV test these days is almost as easy as asking questions on the internet.
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