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ars rash

does anyone know what an ars rash looks like? does it itch?
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No...the rash associated with ars does not usually itch. However, the rash associated with ars can also be caused by thousands of things other than hiv. Don't start looking for symptoms.
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how does ars rash looks like? i had 2 small red dot like small red mole on my hand is it possible that they are ars rash. i didnt had a fever. is it tru that ars usually appear a  bunh of them or sometimes in all the body and is it true that is usually come with a high fever.
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do you have a question about a risk you might have had?
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hi i gave and received oral sex and semen drop onto open wound that was the only encounter i had. not sire if a week or 2 weeks later 1 red dot appeard on my right arm and went away after 5 days and got another small red dots on my right arm. dots are similar to small mole but they are red and they are under the skin. in this forum i raed that theres no exposure with my experience. but whenever i see red dots on my skin i get nervous. pls can u tell me the characteristics of rash from an hiv carrier. thanks for your help.
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You never had an exposure.
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thanks teak for your reply. But anyone on this forum would answer my question above. thank u sooo much guys.
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NOT an ars rash.
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Your question was answered. You never had an exposure.
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lizzie n teak,
a million thanks.
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