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blood contact? is this a risk?

So this might be a little long but please help me. I am currently on anxiety medication to help me with my fears but every now and then something like this comes up. I was with a girl i like and we were messing around in her bed after coming back from the bars. were both 22 and in college. we agreed not to have sex yet since we just recently met but we were fooling around nonetheless. we both were in our underwear and she was on top of me. i ended up fingering her and my one nail was a bit long and i think i may have cut her but she didnt feel it. she also was just recently on her period so that might be why to, but when i went to the bathroom i noticed there was blood on my fingers and there was also some in her bed. the only reason i am scared is bc she was grinding on top of me and since it was so prolonged, my not so comfortable boxer briefs constantly rubbing against my penis caused a part of the underside of it bleed a little from the pulling and friction. i keep getting scared that the blood from her could have gone through her underwear and through mine and into my cut! i know thats alot of what-ifs but it scares me. Weve had the whole std discussion and she told me shes clean and we even joked about hiv and how that wasnt even an issue. should i be concerned? i just want to be safe!
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why not? i thought blood was a risk?
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You were never at risk.
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