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breast milk

i was at a party and a girl who had recently became a mother, put breastmilk on her finger and put it in my mouth, I have read that enzymes and stomach acid would kill the virus, but I am on anti-depressants, tablets that reduce stomach acid and metformin for type 2 diabetes, would I still have the neccesary enzymes and stomach acid to kill the virus taking into consideration my medical conditions, I also do not know her HIV status do not know a lot about her
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Yes, reread what you were advised.
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even if i was drunk and i have diabetes and take all that medication for diabetes and depression and heartburn do you still think i will be ok, just double checking
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Adults cannot get HIV from breast milk.  That only applies to infants because their immune systems are immature.  Also, breast milk only becomes a risk (to infants) after consistent ongoing breast feeding.

You don't have an HIV concern.
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