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breastmilk hiv

Hi i dont know were to start but im super worried. Im breastfeeding my 4 month old baby and my cousin is breastfeeding and pumping milk for her baby that is younger than mine. one day  My cousin pumped milk for her baby and gave her a bottle, after her daughter finished her bottle she was playing with my baby and she inserted the empty bottle on my babys  mouth. My baby was sucking and bitting on the emtied bottle of breastmilk for like 10 Or 15 minutes (i didnt found out about it after i came back from taking a shower.) I dont know if my cousin is hiv + or not, but i just cant stop thinking what if she is + and doesnt know it? My question is if my baby took lets say 1 ounce of her breastmilk (i dont know how much breastmilk was left in there but im pretty sure that it was less than 1 ounce)
and she is hiv + will my baby be at risk? At that time my baby had a cold and cough will that matter? I just cant stop tinking about it im a little ocd and its driving me crazy, i cant stop thinking about it. Please help put my mind at rest. And can you please explain Why of your answe
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Please someone answer
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You should get your cousin tested.
According to me she is not hiv+
As she has her own baby and she breast feed her child .If she is hiv+ why would she breast feed her child??
You can ask her but if still you have doubts it's better to get her tested.
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So are you telling me that even though it was less than an ounce my baby could be At risk if she was to be hiv+?  Can someone else please answer because im freaking out
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Why would you think she is HIV positive? If you are that worried why don't you ask her?
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Iwan25: like i already told you im a little ocd and the though of she habing hiv can leave out of my mind. And no i canot just ask her she would get really upset. Can someone please answer my question truly, im driving my self crazy :(
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You might want to think about addressing the anxiety issue with a professional. It is true that babies breastfeeding could be at a risk if the mother was HIV+ after birth but for such a small amount it is not a risk.
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Vance2335: thank you for answering but are you sure that my baby is at no risk even if my cousin was to be hiv+, can you please explain why of your answer
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I did explain, such a small amount is not a risk. If you are concerned then talk to your cousin and see a Dr.
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