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broken condom in Bangkok

yesterday, after having sex with my Thai girlfriend, we noticed the condom broke during the act (ripped from the side,a small hole but my penis was entirely sticking out and there was a definite body fluids connection as I unknowingly came inside of her, I don't know how long we stayed unprotected, I'd wildly guess 5 to 10 minutes), I didn't go to wash my penis with soap or anything straight after because I never heard or thought it'd be something that could help (does it ?), I did wash still, about an hour later, just to be sure
we went for a blood screening test for her the following evening (I had a complete negative test more than 3 weeks before meeting my girlfriend and didn't have any kind of sexual encounter for at least the same amount of time) and it came out positive (within 5 minutes if that indicates any "gravity" of her condition).
we are going to the hospital for further tests first thing in the morning and I intend to start a PEP treatment (tomorrow will be slightly less than 36 hours after exposure, I didn't do it before due to a lack of information, which I now regret).
Any sound advices for my situation ? And anybody could tell accurately (well, at least as accurately as possible)
how high are the risks of my being infected after a single accident such as this one ?
I am not yet too worry as I don't feel the need for worry or don't see how it'll help with anything, but I can't hide that my concerns are quite appreciated and I feel an urgent need to start the PEP treatment as soon as possible.
any advices ?
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Advice is to get a confirmation test for your girlfriend because false positives do happen for a number of reasons. Talk to the Dr about PEP. PEP can have very severe side effects and should be discussed with a Dr before taking.

If you do take PEP you will have to wait 3 months since your cycle finished to get a conclusive test. But again make sure your girlfriend gets a confirmation test.
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that's what we're about to do yes, on our way now to her regular hospital, where they have HIV facilities, we'll do more extensive tests there, unfortunately this first screening merely confirm her doubts as she thought it might well be possible for her to be already positive since a few year (unfaithful old partner with whom she use to have unprotected sex) I still keep my finger crossed for the (very remote) chance it was a false positive, but odds are strongly against her.
I intended to speak about PEP with the Dr, definitely, those side effects do scare me a bit, but then if it means a safer outcome for me, I'd be a fool not to take them, right ?
I mean what kind of chances am I looking at with infection for myself ? I know it's not easy to say but in what risk category am I ?
And what would be the earliest tests I could make to find out if I have contracted the virus or not ? I'd like to know each and every possibilities, even if it means false positive, I still intend to get tested at the 4th week, 6th week and 3 months mark, but what kind of tests should I ask for in the first weeks, is this true LISA thing conclusive generally ? any other tests I should ask for ?
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ok, I started the PEP treatment (truvada & alevia) Drs told me to be back in 2 weeks for a PCP check and then 4 weeks from now to confirm (I'll also do the 3, 6 and 12 months marks just to be extra sure if needed).
chances look slim that I got infected and the treatment should greatly stack the odds in my favour, I'll keep a hopeful and unworried spirit as much I can, wish me luck and thanks for the advice my dear Vance.
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