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broken dried lips

Hi there,

I had a safe sex a week ago. But, I am very much worried about my kiss on the partner's *****.

I had slightly broken lips. But my lips were very dry when I gave a kiss on partner's *****. This kiss hardly lasts for 1-2 secs. When I kissed I had partially broken lips(due to biting habit) but were very very dry that time since I didn't wet my lips for few hours before kiss.

Is there any chance of HIV transmission ? Please let me know.

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You never had an exposure.
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I had mentioned safe sex in my previous post since I didn't know the difference between safe sex and safer sex. I am sorry about that.

I used a condom for the vaginal intercourse from back with a sex worker. This intercourse lasted for not more than 2 -3 mins. After intercourse, I could see semen hanging inside the condom indicating condom didn't break.After intercourse I removed condom immediately and washed my pennis and genital area. 15 mins later I had shower with soap.  I asked the lady if she has HIV and she said she is positive that she doesn't have it..we can assume her HIV status is unknown or infected. It's been a month since this intercourse happened now.

This inner feeling has been killing me thinking I might have got infected with HIV. I have been very closely observing for any symptoms in my body.

Symptoms include -

1) Headache approximately 10 days after intercourse. I had similar headache 2 weeks before intercourse also.

2) 4-5 Pimples/blackheads on my face over the last 1 month period. There was an ingrown hair on my left leg below knee

3) I had an itching on my left thigh beside lymph nodes which went off in 2-3 days. Similarly I had an itching in the genital area on trunk below close to where testis touch the trunk. This went off in 2-3 days. Both these 2 itchings happened within 2 weeks after intercourse. I don't know how a rash looks like....but after scratching these itching areas it became red and redness went off completely in 2-3 days.

4)Left testis pain for few hours. After I slept and woke up this pain was not there anymore.

5) I was working fixing some tents in backyard for my cousin's birthday in cold weather and cold breeze without wearing any jacket. I was in this weather from 12 noon till 8PM. During this time i had running nose, sneezing,  eye itching resulting in eye redness because of cold weather.  This running nose and sneezing didn't go for few days.This resulted in sore throat for 1-2 days. I have dust allergy also. Due to this I have a feeling that I have fever. One moment I feel like I don't have fever and other min I touch my neck to check if it is warm indicating any fever. But, I don't have any fever nor fatigue nor weekness anything like that. I am quite not sure if this fever like feeling is because of my anxietyor running nose/sneezing etc or if this is HIV infection.

I am day-in and day -out following hiv forums for answers related to these symptoms. I didn't have this much knowledge about hiv and it's symptoms before I had this intercourse. I got soo scared after intercourse and am really worried now.

Please let me know possibility of HIV infection in my case.

I know the suffering of normal flu. Thinking about I might have got HIV will be really painful for me and my family. Please let me know how I can donate to help HIV+ people in whatever way I can. I would like to write a check or give cash or whatever way it works.


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You don't have an HIV concern.
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Thanks Teak . I will go for a test after 3 months to know everything is OK. So, you mean at this point of time I don't have a concern to worry about?
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You can get tested for HIV test if you wish, but if this is your only concern then the result will come out conclusively negative by then, which is why you actually don't need to test given your lack of HIV risk as Teak put it.
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Thanks for your response. I would like to ask you couple of things -

1) Can I write a check in the name of Med Help and post it . I would like make a donation. Please let me know where do I get these details.

2) left leg backside below knee is swollen. I have made a long drive trip. Not too long ...drove 450 miles around the last 2-3 days. I am not sure if this is some HIV lymph node swelling or it is because of traveling. Please let me know.

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Hi there,

I hope I would get a reply for my concern in previous post.
I have dropped a check of 50 dollors today for a HIV organization called "Safe Haven". This may not be great amount but I hope this amount would be useful for HIV people in some way.

Sorry if my concerns bother you.

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I used to wish to donate too but the moderators advised me to promote this website instead.

Btw, no HIV risk means that has nothing to do with HIV.
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Hi Teak and Ricky,

1) Though you said I don't have HIV risk based on the above experience, I had oraquick swab 20 min rapid test at 77 days, 89 days and 7 months after the incident.Can I assume I am 100% free or do I need anymore testing like Blood test etc?

2) Also, I see very small tiny red spots coming on and off on my left thigh once in a while little closer to genital area. These are almost invisible Whenever they come, they last for 3-5 days...no itching and no pain. And 2-3 cold sore look likes with very little puss on thighs once in a while. They don't last for more than a week whenever the come. Does this indicate I could have exposed to herpes. Please let me know your opinion?

As I said earlier , I have been doing small donation of $50 and $100 to HIV organizations whenever I can. I hope this amount is useful for someone somewhere.

Please let me know.

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Very nice of you for helping organizations that deals with these matters. Anyway there was no risk for HIV at first place, and if there was no any exposure after that, then there is no need for new HIV test and you are negative! As to your second question, I do not think it's herpes.

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