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can i get hiv that way please help me and thank you

i start it to work because i need money to pay
for the university
so i start to work in a hospital
but im not working in the hospital itself
there is a unversity near that hospital where students learn  practical
ok when they send me to Throw garbage bags
i feel that there is something from inside that bag touch my hand
then i looked to see what there is inside that bag and i saw
some medical needles the sudents i thing use them on that unvirsity
to learn on animals and people that what i thing i dont khnow
because its a unvirsity from that hospital
what is my chance to get hiv
if it was a medical needle that stick my hand
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No, you weren't at risk from a discarded needle, however, you need to notify the university that needles are being disposed of improperly.  They should be disposed of in an impervious box (sharp's container).
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but i read that if you got stick by a medical needle
with hiv + inside it you will be infected
please can you explain to me why im not at risk
please im soo scared
and what do you mean by discarded needle
im only 25 male
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i didnt notice there is a little blood come out
maybe yes maybe no
I'm very concerned and I do not remember anything
i thing no no blood come out
but lets say there is a little blood also come out?????
what is the risk
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A discarded needle is one that is thrown away, and like I said, any kind of sharp medical waste (needles, scalpels, etc) are to be properly discarded in a puncture proof box.  If the students are not doing this, the University should be notified.

No, it is not a risk...you are talking about a superficial break in the skin with the surface area of a needle.  That's different than drug users sharing a needle and injecting the contents right into their veins.

It's not a risk...and it doesn't sound like you really are convinced you were stuck with a needle in the first place.
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Hi. There is really no risk here. What nursegirl said is correct. getting poked with a needle, and directly inserting it into your vein is 2 very different thing. You do not have a risk for HIV and no testing will be required. You will be fine.
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