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can i get rid of hiv thoughts? help

thanks for your help,
8 weeks ago i was in a hiv clinic to be sure about the performance of some rapid test kits.
i gave some rapid tests to a nurse and she wanted to test a known hiv positive patient.
the stupid nurse asked me to assist her in testing that patient. so i applied the lancet gun on patient's finger and the nurse dropped some of her blood into the device while i held the device without any gloves on.
then i put the device on a table and then i added some drops of testing reagent to the blood sample in rapid test (again without gloves). as i know and can remember, i had no direct contact with any blood, but i am afraid any part of my body could have touched blood without me knowing it! i also had a big but dried wound in my finger.
anyway, because of my anxiety i threw a new rapid test into the waste bin and when i found out it was new i decided to take it out from the bin because i needed it, the STUPID nurse was present, and i weared a glove in my right hand and slowly inserted my hand into the bin and carefully got the rapid test cassette and brought it out,,there were used syringes and dirty cottons in the bin but again as i can remember, i had no direct contact with any of those items and no needlestick. i should add that i held the bin fixed with my legs at that time, of course i had my shoes and trousers on, but my shoes and trousers were in touch with the outer surface of the bin.
and finally, because of my anxiety, the nurse gave me a special solution and told me to wash my hand with it and without rinsing with water. she told me i had no exposure, but still i am so worried.
i tested myself by a rapid test about 7 weeks after that day (negative) but still worried, especially that some drops of the testing reagent contacted my punctured finger and i guess that was the reagent i already used to test that hiv positive patient in the clinic (because it was in my bag since that day) and i am afraid if the reagent tube touched the patient's blood when i dropped the reagent into the blood-filled device.
am i safe regarding all the situations i described? i need a mind easing advice,
or should i get tested again? thanks,
i repeat: as i CAN remember: i had NO needlstick, and NO direct contact with blood.
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Hi khoob,

All the things that you have described did not put you at risk.

You did not need to test, but you still did so, and your negative 7 week test proves it.

You don't have hiv. No need to worry anymore, ok?

May God bless

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thank you, i will try to forget about hiv,
but do you think also i did not have any risk when i tested myself? what if the reagent's tube touched the patient's blood and some of her blood turned back into the tube and mixed with the reagent? or what if the tube itself got contaminated by her blood? the tube's cap was fastened during those weeks and the reagent contacted my poked bloody finger during testing (of course by a napkin),, and also is it possbile to have a needlestick without knowing or remembering it , or any possible skin or mucus membrane contact with blood while i was in clinic? are these things possible or risk? or am i overthinking about it? thanks again,
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Hi khoob,

Nope, if you were hit by a needlestick you would have known it for sure. It is not going to happen in your case.

Take care.

May God bless

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thanks again,
last question before i move on with my life, just for being sure:
when i got tested indeed i pricked my finger by my razor, but the razor was in the same bag in which the reagent container was there,,, is it possible that the reagent container got contaminated by hiv positive blood when it was used in the clinic 7 weeks before, and then touched my razor and contaminated it (both were in the same place for some days) ? of course i got tested about 7 weeks following the day i was in the clinic, no risk?
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Move on.
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thanks teak, as i think rightnow, a thought comes into my mind and says what if i tested myself 3-4 weeks after that day, not 7 weeks (maybe it is true) ?
i think i got paranoia!!  i'll try to go back to my life, and thank you for helping the people,
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last question,
plealse reread my post especially 2nd and 3rd ones which occured in less than one month ago,
yesterday i started to develop some illness like: severe sore thrat, herpes simplex of lip, but no fever,
what are these illnesses?
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You did not get HIV from this "exposure." You never placed yourself at risk and you need to stop worrying over it. If you had that much paranoia over HIV in the first place, why do you go around digging into trash cans in HIV clinics knowing you're just going to worry for no reason later? You're fine. You have NO reason to be worried- relax.
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thank you very much, i needed such a straight answer,,,i think i KNOW i had no risk, but it is somehow hard to stop worrying about it but i will try to forget about hiv.
i have a pregnant wife and really worry about her and my baby's health too (you are a woman i think and so you can really understand me),,and maybe that's why i got this heavy phobia,
i hope you read all my threads and posts ( i guess you did), thanks again for your helping the others,
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no risk
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