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can you get HIV through nipples sucking

I sucked on a female's nipples for a long time but there was no secretions, no breast milk, and nothing at all and this happened in October 2010. After 4 weeks. it seems like I was coming down with a cold. My throat starts irritating me and my body was hot but my  temperature was still normal around 97 &98.1. I took some Zpack for  the whole week but i feel much better but i still have a mild sore throat not irritating but mild. I am wondering what are my chances of getting HIV through that exposure??  I forgot to mention there was no sex,no kissing.no fingering involved except sucking on those nipples for a long period of time.
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You did not have a risk.
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I think  I had chapped lips during the exposure . would I still get HIV through sucking her nipples for a long period of time??
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"would I still get HIV" no one ever said you could get HIV. You had no risk.
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I am sorry to bother you guys. after sucking those nipples,I have been worried a lot .Right now i just found out i have a bump near my anus.is this a sign of any std's??
i had no sex,no fingering,no kissing except sucking her nipples for a long period of time.And i have been having upset stomach lately. am i at risk of any std's??
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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you cant get HIV through fingering or kissing by the way either
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there is NO reason to bring up a post that is two days old JUST to add your two cents.
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One last question guys and that'll be it. After this incident in october which was sucking a female's nipples. After 3or 4 weeks I was coming down with a cold..... i took some zpack...... I got a relief but there was no sign of swollen nodes. Simply an upset stomach I don't know if it was gas or not because I didn't eat well during my sickness. I drunk a noodle soup at 8am and had my lunch around 6pm for a period of one week. last week my wife had a cold and a sore throat but yesterday we both woke up with a sore throat again but no fever. I know there's a flu season out there particularly in Florida since there's no heating system at my house so I had to put my AC unit on heat to warm up the house but sometimes it makes my throat itch. so I am wondering is this a sign of HIV?Do I need to get tested?? by the way there was no sex involved whatsoever except sucking her nipples.please answer me!!!
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Going by what ya have described, you gave some very good reasons for your symptoms. You were never at ANY RISK, so there is no way you can ever get HIV. Most of the symptoms that people experience in HIV infection can be caused by hundreds of other common viral/bacterial infection. Don't judge your risk by symptoms.
Do I need to get tested?? ABSOLUTELY NOT
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i have read almost every article on HIV and nipples sucking which don't constitute a risk of contracting HIV. However; I am still in fear because my wife and I came down with a sore throat again this Tuesday. Actually ,I am doing a lot better now but my wife is getting worse. I am afraid to be the first one to catch an STD through that exposure. I have been checking out myself for any swollen nodes in my body,indeed; no signs of anything except a little pimple near my anus thats been there for two weeks now. can i possibly catch herpes or HIV??
Do i need to be worried or get tested? please tell me the truth  i am willing to accept it
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you are suffering from GUILT...not hiv.

kindly move on...
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My wife went to see a Doctor this morning . The Doctor said she had upper respiratory infection. Am I safe??? Do I need to be worried??
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