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chest rash not itchy, goes away within 5 minutes

hi i am farley new to this, and i am very worried about hiv. i had unprotected sex with a girl once, we were both 16 at the time and this happened about 4 or 5 years ago.  i wasnt really worried until ive been seeing all these commercials on tv and everyone talking abbout it. i thought maybe im infected to, so i have 2 questions to ask. 1. how long does someone have to have hiv to pass it on to someone and, 2. i get a red rash on my chest much like the one on the yahoo image search under hiv sypmtoms, but my rash only comes on the chest when i am feeliong hot or when i get out of a warm shower, they dissapear in about 5 minutes. i have sensative skin but this has never happened before. should i be worried????
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Nothing about your rash indicates HIV.

Rash due to HIV-related ARS:
-does not come-and-go
-does not disappear in 5 minutes
-does not occur in the absence of other flu-like symptoms
-does not persist 4-5 years after exposure (at most it might START 3-4 weeks after exposure and last 1-3 weeks).

Most HIV infections are spread when the HIV+ person has been just recently infected. This is because the viral load goes from 0 and replicates very quickly during the first few weeks (this is what causes ARS). Then the body's antibody response kicks in, lowering the viral load to the set point (a balance between viral replication and immune response), which often persists for years until the disease progresses.

During those first few weeks of high viral load is when the risk of transmission is greatest.

If your 16yo sexual experience is your only risk factor, you are most likely HIV- and have nothing to worry about. I don't think testing is warranted in this case. Of course, if it'd make you feel better, get a simple, routine HIV antibody test as part of your next health checkup. Routine HIV testing is smart for anyone who is sexually active with multiple partners.
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Thank you very much guys. i appreciate all your help and efforts to answer my questions. i guess im just paranoid. seeing all these commercials and hearing the stories makes any normal person stop and think wether they can be infected. AIDS awareness, should be exposed to even highschool students its better to learn at an early age than make mistakes that kill your imune system slowly. im glad their is a website like this that will help peopl;e like myself who are curiouse and need to ask real people some questions. not just reading websites based on statistics. reading your answers took alot of weight of my shoulders

cheers guys
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hi, i dont think you have HIV, u said i had sex at 16 years old, well, quite many young people had sex at that age, this is not a problem.

HIV is very common among IV drug users, gays, and bi-sexuals.

HIV is not big problem for high school students, cos u and your girlfriend both were virgins before u first sex experience.

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yea i know she wasnt a virgin though. :(, and surprisingly i had a condom in my hand and i managed to loose it , unfortunatly i was to young and exited to stop and think about what i was doing. thx for answeing though. do u have any idea about the rash i have that dissapears??
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Hi there.  The rash you have is your skin's common reaction to heat (it goes away after few minutes).  It is completely unrelated.  In any case, don't feel sorry about your sexual exposure.  You were both young and inexperienced and the only risk might have been an unwanted pregnancy.  Relax and take care.  If you still have doubts, just get tested to get HIV out of your mind.  Take care.
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from what i read, i think rash ( if HIV rash) always happens with fever.

you may get more info from the website, fever is very sinificant factor for ARS(HIV primary stage). rash is somwhow 50% people would experience it if they had HIV.

you are ok, HIV is not your problem. u may go to your local health centre for a HIV test tomorrow, get the Negative result afterwords. however, you are Negative for sure, no need to get any test if you told the truth here.

no worries, i am gay, my frist sex experience was at my 16, and was very actitve at my age 22. but, i can tell you i was negative since last test on 15th /jan.2007.

i will go to another test next week, cos i had some weird symptoms(i guess was ARS) at the first week of this Jan.

my symptoms does not include Rash, maybe i did not notice it.
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Hi Bamboosalt,
Can you please explain with more detail your symptoms?  Also, what was the nature of your exposure?  That is, protected, unprotected, anal (receiving or giving), etc.  Your feedback is greately appreciated.
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my symptoms were lump sore throat, almost on the same day i got fever, and very tired, did not wanna eat anything, weight loose something like 2 kg at least. all those symptoms lasted about 4-5 days.i drunk so much water , did not work at all, sore thorat was really werid, like something in my throat, i may say fever was not so high, cos i did not feel so cold on bed. then i went to the health center for some tests, all STD and oral test for sore thorat. all came back with negative. but, the nurse told me that does not look like flu or mono. i did not see rash at that time.

my sex contact including kiss, handjob, and rimming. he kissed my body skin(fresh cut) with his saliva, and his semen on my dickhead( i am uncut) when he performed hadnjob to me. after 14 days, i went to HIV test, was negative.

i called AIDShelp line for enquire, the lady told me that 2 weeks is too early for antibody test, i need to take another test on 3 months mark.

i will get hiv test next week, 6 week mark, i will trust this result cos many info showed 6 weeks result  is 95% sure.

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Thanks for your response Bamboosalt.  Your risk is certainly low.  I'm sure your next test result will be negative.  In the meantime, relax and take care.  Good luck and keep us posted on your test results.
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please do not think about HIV too much, beacause HIV is not your problem.

being a gay man, life is really difficult, sometimes, nearly all gays are lies , they hide their stories and health situation.

you are totally ok , cos u are straight, and fixed partner, keep it, stay safe.
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You are doing a lot of unnecessary worrying. You never had a risk of contracting HIV. You didn't need to test in the first place. Saliva is not infectious.
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