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concern about Borderline behavior,need help!!!

First of all I would like to thank experts and volunteers for helping so many people with your knowledge and experience.
l have been concerning about my encounter since Oct 17th.l drunk too much at that evening and had a borderline behavior with a prostitute.first, she gave me a blowjob without condom less than 1 minute.cause drinking too much , l couldn't get erection.after seeing that,the prostitute perhaps lose her patient,so she hold my penis against her vagina ,rubbed it.immediately did l noticed that and stopped it because l realized that it's dangerous for
intercourse without condom.l said no.but she complained l can't get erection,with complaining she did it again.finally, l stopped her.it means that during the course my penis rubbed against her vagina nearly 4-5 times.l think my glans rubbing against the clitoris,labia area(including labium minus),urethral opening and orificium vaginae.of course my urethral orifice touched those places,too.what l confirm is that there was no peneration.

does the behavior equal exposure?my urethral meatus opening contact with the liquids on her labia/clit/inside the lips but just outside her vagina hole,and the urethral meatus opening likely contacted with her fluids.Is this an HIV risk?

sorry my english level and exposing my penis(exactly my glans including my urethral meatus) leads me to ask about this potential risk.l am looking forward to your assessment of this behavior.thanks a lot and give my best wishes.
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This did NOT put you at risk for HIV. You may have a VERY small risk of contracting more common STDs that require skin to skin contact, but that is also VERY unlikely.
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thank u .today ,l went to CDC for a test.the result is negative.thank u .l think l won't do this again.
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