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concerned about exposure

Eight days ago, i had unprotected sex with a 30 year old female several (5-7) times over the course of a 48 hour period. Having no reason to believe this woman is HIV+, since the act of unprotected sex is so foreign to me, combined with my neurotic nature, i have since feared the possibility. I guess my questions are:
1. in the cae she is HIV+, what is the likelyhood i could have contracted the virus?
2. does the fact that she had multiple orgasms during the act have any impact on the probability?
3. how early can i be tested with any reasonable degree of accuracy and through which type of test?
thanks for taking the time to read this,
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1.  1 in 2000 per act
2.  no
3.  4 weeks with a duo test that looks for p24 antigens and antibodies. Or 6 weeks with a standard test
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1. 1 in 2000 is the used statistical number if you are circumcised, 1 in 1000 if not.  It is almost unheard of to find a 100% hetero guy who has only had sex with women, never been in jail, and never used iv drugs who has HIV.  If it is claimed, most states do extensive follow up to confirm  most times the follow ups find one or more of the above mentioned risks.

2. nope.  And to add vaginal fluids have been shown to contain low concentrations of HIV almost the same as tears, but still with a less possibility to infect.  The infectious fluid is typically found deeper in the vagina.  receptive anal sex and IV drug works sharing are clearly the most efficient routes for infection of this blood borne disease even receptive vaginal is not all that efficient but moreso than penile insertion into a vagina and even an anus.

3. 4 weeks is good, 6-8 is much better for sure.  Then for complete piece of mind follow the CDC's 3month conclusive to put it to rest for you.  Use condoms and you will be ok. I know easier said than done and nobody is perfect 100% of the time as is obvious....

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sorry but this is BS..
"It is almost unheard of to find a 100% hetero guy who has only had sex with women, never been in jail, and never used iv drugs who has HIV."

It may be rare in the US and Europe but it does happen. A lot of men contract the virus abroad via heterosexual sex.
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7 times in 48 hrs? that's it?
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don't really worry to much about this incident, but do get test in 3months for a conclusive test and peace of mind. anyone who is sexually active (which I think 5-7 times in 48 hrs is considered) should get tested once a year anyhow.
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"A lot of men contract the virus abroad via heterosexual sex. "

LOL....here we go again.  Ok, where are they? I truly want to know.  show me. and how do you know this? where is your backup?

most important, what is your sexual orientation?  have you looked at the surveillance data provided by the ever quoted CDC?   Nowhere is a male hetero category and nowhere does the CDC recommend focusing any resources on that portion of the population.

And please do not even think of including Africa where there is a completely different set of circumstances for transmission efficiency and a different stage of the epidemic..  Thats apples/oranges vs North America.

The fact is, it takes alot, I mean alot...of follow ups and interviews with males who claim to get HIV from vaginal sex only without any other risk factors.  When those follow ups occur with these bogus claims, drugs, sex with men,incarceration always show up somewhere in the picture.

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