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concerned about possible hiv infection

Hello im a 31 yr old white male had 2 experiences with anal sex with guys without condoms both said they were hiv neg, 9 months later i have some fatigue and burning eyes also slight swollen glands underneath my jaw also some tingling in my left foot and hands no fever rashes or anything like that. Should i be concerned about being hiv poz?
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You had unprotected anal sex of course you should be concern. You can test now and your test will be conclusive.
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Were you the giver or the receiver?
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Doesn't matter he was at risk and the only way to know his status is by testing.
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i was the reciever
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Go test an obtain your results and start useing condoms.
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Everyone obviously knows there is a risk with unprotected sex. But, some forms are more riskier than others. I do not like to assume.
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No one is assuming. He had unprotected penetrative anal sex and he needs to test to know his status.
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