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conflicting facts please help

I had a possible exposure in 2011 and i went to the free clinic and they said i was not in the high Risk category and they wouldn't test me. It slipped from my mind for a while until around the middle of 2012 (wasnt in any risk situations after that) but i couldnt take it anymore so i went to a different clinic and they took a blood drop from my finger i think she called it a rapid test it took 20 mins and came out negative but the worker there said i needed to come back in 6 months to get a "confermitive" test. Im kinda angry and confused on what to do. Do i need to run another test or can i be absolutely positive that im hiv negitive?
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You were given incorrect information from the worker. If you had an exposure 3 months post exposure is conclusive. You don't need further testing.
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thats unfortunate that she told me that its completely frazzled my head and caused me such anxiety. Thank you so much for your help!  one more quick question, do you know of any cases of a person testing negative after the 3month mark and then testing positive through another test after?
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