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dear dr. i have had unprotected sex 1 month ago and there were no any symptoms but recently 1 week ago i have had sex with the same girl without protection and the interesting thing thing is she is not having any of the symptoms and she is fine but i am just feeling little bit headache for abt 1 week. so do i have any chances of exlosure to hiv or this is the stress making my head painfull.
  please doc help me out.
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Well you have had two risky exposures with a partner of unknown hiv status. There is nothing particularly interesting or relevant with having or not having any symptoms afterwards. That is not how you assess whether you have  been infected. To know you need a test. If you are still in contact with your partner you may want to discuss the issue and get tested together. In any case continuing having unprotected sex is not a good idea.
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