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could vasculitis be a symptom of a recent hiv infection?

One month ago, I had a "protected" sex with a guy I met from online. Problem is, I am not so sure now as to how protected it was due to the "symptoms" that I have experienced days after that sex. I also remembered him saying that the condom was too tight, making me more paranoid as he might have removed the condom behind my back. We had anal and oral sex. The intercourse ended with him ejaculating on my mouth, with me swallowing his.

The next day, I've started experiencing muscle pains. Two days, sore throat also began. I was so anxious and could barely sleep. I've also experienced night sweats for two or three nights. Sore throat lasted for about 4-6 days, even with Apple Cider Vinegar treatment. I also ate some cloves of garlic for three days, thinking it could help me. Those symptoms are gone after a week.

Three weeks past possible infection, rashes began appearing on my legs and feet became swollen as well. There were no rashes on the other parts of my body. It was diagnosed as a form of vasculitis which may be caused by an overactive immune system. I am still waiting for the results of the lab tests and skin biopsy, but so far, what's evident is that my ASO titer is high (immunology-serology test). Based on some readings, ASO titer besb comes high due to recent strep bacterial infection.

Now my questions:

1. Could the symptoms I've experienced days after possible HIV infection be acute HIV syndrome related? Or could it be due to a strep infection, which the ASO level suggests?
2. Could vasculitis be a symptom of a recent HIV infection?

Thanks for all your help. I am planning to get HIV tested as soon as I can walk properly. I'd just like to hear your thoughts on the sickness and symptoms that I have experienced so far, so that I can isolate one from the other.

Thanks again!
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1. No, HIV symptoms can not start that early
2. Nope
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