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cracked and dried cuticles and hiv exposure

I work in a health care setting and some aids tained normal saline iv fluid spilled on my ungloved hands. Myproblem is my nail cuticles were dried and cracked. I washed my hands asap with hot water and soap then with alcohol based foam. The alcohol foam didn't burn so i'm hoping no areas were open wounds. What are the chances I have contracted aids.
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You were never at risk and for your information you don't contract AIDS.
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Working in a health care setting...I am surprised you are not more educated about HIV and the risks associated with it.

Also...universal precautions are recommended for a reason...there are a lot of serious bacterial infections out there that are very easy to contract if you aren't protecting yourself.  Utilize the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is avail to you (ie gloves, gowns, etc)...depending on the situation.

If you are not sure about what to use when....ask your infection control dept for some education.
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