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Did they find any cure or vaccine to prevent hiv? With all the medical advances and yet this diease is not curable
I want to have sex with no worries
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then use a condom or stay in a monogamous relationship where both of you have tested
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The vast majority of viral illnesses have NO cure...some examples are, hepatitis, the common cold, influenza.  That's the way viruses work, and HIV is no different.  Viral illnesses are treated by managing symptoms and trying to avoid complications and advancement of the disease.

A vaccine will probably eventually come to fruition, but I wouldn't expect to see it for quite a while...at least not a very effective one.
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There is a vaccine for the HBV and one for the HCV is on it's way.Dr Robert Gallo the man who discovered HIV said there will not be a cure in his life time because the virus keeps on changing.Prevention is the only cure and this is what governments should be focusing on.
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There is no cure and there is no vaccine. HIV is preventable, use condoms correctly and consistently and do not share works with other IV drug abusers.
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