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dark days

Okay the answer to my destiny will be available on Mon the 31st..... I am freaking out after an episode that took place on the 1st of November 2010. I cant stay cool and calm anymore, and I am convinced I have Hiv. I cant deal with the fear or guilt, consequences of it anymore. My symptoms include rash, body shakes, twitches/jolts, weird skin/ blood patterns, white tongue, mouth ulcers, dry and chronic chapped lips, dry skin/ scalp, what appears to be oral thrush, and strong fatigue and bad confusion, my stomach growls 24/7, and much more weird happenings that came and went through this 3 month period since this woman took advantage of me. Any way here are my test feel free to comment ask questions i need all the help I can get, im losing it...
1 week elisa test- negative
2 week elisa test- negative
3 week PCR not sure if it was RNA or DNA- negative
6 week elisa test- negative
9 week elisa test- negative
13 week elisa- pending?????
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who are you kidding?it's obvious that you'll be negative after your 9week negative.
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You don't have HIV.
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Well thanks for your short and direct answers, it definatly eases my mind before I go in for my last and final test. Thanks for giving me that confidence.

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How do you know? I thought 3 months was 100%, my symptoms were just too strange to be these ironic events. Im still going through these symptoms since day 6- till now. my doc even wants to meet up tonight which is odd because follow ups are rare. Please reply and give a little more detail to your answers, I really think im that unlucky guy...
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It is very very unlikely for your 9 week test to change at your 3 month test. I am sure you will be NEG at your 13 week test you are taking.

Dont stress about it, you will see you are fine. But you still must take this test to be 100% sure of your status.

Hope this helps!
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It does bro thanks alot just 6 more hours and ill know the answer.
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