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do flavoured condoms also prevents hiv equally as non flavoured?

Hey experts i had vaginal exposure before 3 months with a street prostitute..i used flavoured condom which many websites claim that it isnt effective in protecting against stds and hiv..2 weeks after my exposure i got throat infection along with fever..then suddenly i got pain in one of my knee which migrated towards my both feet elbows ankles hands fingers..this pain is constant from 2.5 months....pain is most severe at night,its like burning on soles and pain from knees till feet....cant even sleep because of this horriblebpain..i think its peripheral neuropathy..i have tested at 6th week 9th week and 12th week after exposure and it came negative....but my pain is still there unbearable..i have taken lots of medicines pain killers but nothing worked..i was hospitalised for 2 months and had severe surgery so m confused whether my body isnt producing enoungh antibodies till 12 weeks because of my surgery and high dosed steroids?should i get tested again at 6 months looking at my persistent symptoms?
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you are fine n hiv free and stay way form internet
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Thanks for the advice buddy..but what about my constant pain?neurological and musculoskeletal pain?many peoples are testing positive after 12 weeks also :( this makes me worried....and my esr and crp values were also very much elevated which according to dr handsfield elevates every time with new hiv infection....kindly advice:(..my pain isnt going and is v severe....looking at my symptoms how can i exclude hiv?
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Experts kindly help me
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Why isnt any expert replying to me :(?
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Hi there !

Stop worrying!!! Your test result prove conclusively,  without any doubt that you are HIV Negative.

Whatever your symptoms are, they are not HUV related, more likely anxiety and stress.

Don't waste your time having more tests(s) as they will always be negative from this exposure, your result simply will not change.

Best Wishes

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Dude, chill out.

We're members here like you....this isn't our job, we answer threads when we have time, as we're not here every moment of the day.

Flavored, colored, any kind of style condom is just as effective as a plain one.  

Symptoms are never relevant when assessing HIV risk anyway, because they're inconsistent.  

If the condom remained intact, and the head of your penis remained covered throughout the intercourse, you were protected.
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Thank you for the replies rocket and nursegirl i know 3 months is conclusive..but before exposure i was in hospital for 2 months because of lifethreatening problems like severe pancreatitis,liver inflammation,bileduck blockage,pus in abdomen...i was given high dosed steroids and other medicines for that..i was not given to eat or drink anything for 2 months from mouth..everything was given through iv..dont u guys think my immune system would have been severely compromised by then?and my body wont be able to produce enough antibodies?m still taking tablets for my pancreas...
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And as far as i remember condom didnt broke wide open and all....but that sezworker used oil as lubricant....wont the condoms durability will be deteriorated by oil?if my condom will be deteriorated than there are chances for hiv to enter right..
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it didn't break, so you were protected. avoid oil based lubes in future as they can cause the condom to weaken sufficiently to 'snap' and then you would have a real risk , not an imaginary one like now.
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Thanks for the clerification broda....oil based lubes can deteriorate a condom right?if my condom would have been deteriorated than?already chocolate flavour was there in condom..and after completing intercourse i got few blood drops on my inner penile foreskin,which scared me a lot..because innercforeskin is a place through which hiv can enter easily.....and what about my elevated esr and crp values....,?and my hospital stay for 2 months during my life threatening condition beforw this exposurr..wont it delay my antibody production?
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Please reply experts i have been treated with merapenem (meroza) injections for 1 month...these are very high dosed and immunosuppresive..i was given 30 injections of meropenem with other steroids for 1 month..before my exposure....will it delay my antibody production?
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If i had no risk then why i got abnormal esr and crp and blood tests just 2 wreks after my exposure?just tell me will my surgery before exposure and the name of high dosed steroid i gave upwards will. delay my antibody production?and m still having joint and muscle pain in every part of my body
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You wont reply about my queries vance as u wont have heard of the names of medicines which i mentioned you..:)only nursegirl can sort it out..
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Has nothing to do with HIV.
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Listen, you've already been advised that you never had a risk, therefore any testing question is irrelevant anyway.

None of the medications you were on, nor any of your health problems would have affected HIV testing.  You didn't need to test in the first place.

I'd strongly advise you to start dealing with your anxiety, as it is obviously off the charts.

Time to move on now.
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Thanks for the advice..have u seen the name of medicine i gave?merapenem
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Meropenem is a broad spectrum antibiotic, it would not affect HIV testing.

Also, you seem to want to keep ignoring the fact that HIV was never a concern for you to begin with.
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Sorry nursegirl but i have seen at many places that flavoured condoms doesnt work and after that my sudden illness high esr crps lymphocytes and all have freaken me out..i am sorry
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Not sure where you heard that, but that's not accurate.
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Thank u nursegirl..according to u whether condom is flavoured or not..but if it is latex it will protect you right?and my inner foreskin got bleeding after sex but it was covered by condom so this is also not a risk right?because hiv can enter through inner penile foreskin also right..
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The only kind of condom that wouldn't protect you would be:

1.  One you didn't put on (no condom)

2.  A lambskin condom

3.  A broken condom

That's it.
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