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do i have HIV aids??

Ok so around a month and a half ago I had sex with an african man and he removed the condom somewhere during intercourse, we also gave each other oral sex and now i am suffering from sever soar throat and high fever and it has been like this for 3 days now, could this mean I have aids?? please answer quick I am terrified
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Oral sex is not a risk, though unprotected sex is. If you can get hold of the guy, gety him tested to ease your mind, otherwise you will have to test at 3 months for a conclusive result.
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thankyou for your reply, but there is no way of getting hold of this guy as it was a random hookup while i was on holiday and I am starting to get very worried, are these symptoms of HIV aids? thanks again
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We don't speak about symptoms because they are general and non-specific.
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      Random hookup? hmm...You certainly run a very high risk of having contracted HIV. Unprotected sex with an uknown partner could be the riskiest activity when it comes to catching infections.

      You gotta get tested @ 3 months. Fever and soar throat certainly rank high amongst the listed ARS symptoms. You don't have AIDS as it takes years of progression of HIV disease to develope into that.

     Make sure you tell all your sex partners about this or simply avert having sex until you have a clear HIV status. There are a few tests that can detect HIV much earlier than the popular AntiBoby tests. You can choose to get em only if you can't hold your nerves for 3 months...

   Good Luck....
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you had a risk by not using a condom.

you can test at 6 weeks to get a good indication, then at 3 months for a conclusive result.

it isn't likely that your sore throat and fever are due to becoming infected with HIV. there are many many people on here and in the world who get multiple flu like illnesses every year so dont stress about them.

and just to let you know. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS years later....its incorrect to call AIDS a virus
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ars...symptoms of infection, come at 2-4 weeks post exposure.  your sore throat and such are not indicative of infection
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