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do syringe inject something into body

if the needle was a new one,syringe was second used, the nurse just used alcohol to clean skin before test boold,could syringe inject something(such as unknow liquid,ect) into body or just take boold out?should i be worried about this?
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Try to explain that a little bit better, I don't understand what you are asking. By the way you spell "blood" like this, not "boold."
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a nurse is NOT going to use a dirty needle OR syringe on a pt.  PERIOD!
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negative you have it really bad dude
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I wasn't sure if he was talking about the vacuum containers. Some are made to be reused, but most places use the one time use ones.
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  isnt that the container that the needle is put on and the tube is shoved up in?  therefore not holding any blood...
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the needle was a new,syringe reused(the nurse told to me),could it inject some unknow liquid into body?or just take boold out of my body?
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do you know the difference between a syringe and a vaccum container?  i highly doubt the syringe was reused.
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it was not vaccum container,just syringe,the nurse told me it was reused in the hotline,now i want to ask if the needle was a new one,could syringe(no boold inside) inject some unknow liquid into my body or just take the boold out of my body?
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No one told you on any hotline that a syringe and needle were reused. I don't give a damn if you are located in China, which I really doubt that you are. You were never told that.
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when i tested at frist palce in hospital,the nurse used a new needle to link to syringe,after that,i'm not worried about that,because i believe the hospital.you know i'm worried-well,i did some read on oral sex,subtype,needle.when i link to san francisco city cilnic, which said proform oral sex on women is no risk,and i tested negative at 12weeks,so i decide to move on.now,i look somebody worried about the fresh needle,then remember when i took test at first palce,doubt the syringe was reused! i'm so wooried that i ask the nurse on the hot line,she said the needle was a new one,the syringe was reused.pelese don't doubt what i told to you,i'm no need to lie for you.now i want to ask if the needle was a new one,could syringe(no boold inside) inject some unknow liquid into my body or just take the boold out of my body?
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This is another thing that I fear. If I didn't get it from protected sex or fingering, I suspect I was injected with a dirty or used needle. I got sick a couple of days after a blood test in june.

I've had a cough since september 07
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so did you test agian?the nurse be sure the needle was a new one,syringe was reused.the syringe looks like be empty,no boold inside.some unknow liquid,i couldn't remember.when i test,could the syringe inject something unknow into my body or just extract the boold from me?
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