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does hiv patients lead their life happily?????????

is ther any treatmant for hiv to cure completely

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No, there is no cure available for HIV. Virus once infects the body, it can not be eradicated. However, development of Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy (HAART) brought a revolution in the medicaltion and people infected with HIV, can live longer. Despite their sever side effects, these meds are a ray of hope for people living with HIV until a cure is found by medical scienc
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Will a cure ever be found or will it end up uncurable like the common cold?
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"does hiv patients lead their life happily?????????"

I do and I see that MOST people that don't have HIV do not.
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I recently had a sexual encounter with a woman whose background might be a little dodgy, this involved oral sex & frottage (& I hope there was no unnoticed dipping) - my main concerns have already been addressed by Dr. Hook, Dr. Handsfield, Teak & avonelle38 via their comments on this forum (gratefully acknowledged) - on to the main point - what has helped to calm my frazzled nerves is the kindness & dedication to alleviate people's anxiety & confusion - coming from the aforementioned people.

And when I observe Teak responding, ala what is noted above, with humor & strength, I feel a little bit better again (thanks).
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