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does taking truvada impair your ability to fight off corona virus?

Hi, if a hiv negative person is taking truvada and contracts corona virus, will they be able to fight off the corona virus? Or will taking truvada negatively affect their ability to fight off the corona virus? Is their immune system compromised while taking truvada? Or can they take truvada without any fears of being able to fight off corona virus. Thank you
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No drugs have been tested in its presence. You should be talking to your doctor for information if concerned.
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HIV and COVID-19 are 2 different viruses. There is no accurate information on whether ARV medication can be used to treat COVID-19 infection. There are some research taking place to find out if it is effective. However, there is no concrete data on this.

This forum is specific to HIV prevention only. Your question is not in line with our forum guideline.
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then what forum do u suggest post in? since truvada has to do with hiv. and im sure theres lots of people taking truvada who would want to know. and i wasnt asking if truvada helps with corona virus. i was asking if it inhibits your ability to fight it off.
This is not a question for this, or any online forum.  It is a question for your doctor, if you are taking Truvada.
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